MAY 7 – 28, 2018

How do I know if I will benefit from this Giveaway?

You'll benefit from it if you're a coach, consultant, author, speaker, trainer, service-based professional, private practitioner, small business owner or other solopreneur—and you'd like to have some work taken off your plate!

Will I be asked to buy anything on this giveaway? What's the catch?

No, you will absolutely not be asked to buy anything on this giveaway. We've seen other giveaways, where contributors very aggressively upsell participants, and we didn't like that model. There is no catch. We organized this event so that we could meet you, introduce our services to you and show you the many different ways we can support your work in the world. All the contributors represented here believe in relationship marketing…that is, we want to develop a relationship with you over time (if we have what you need), not just sell and run. And to us, a gift is a great way to start a relationship!

How exactly does the Giveaway work?

The giveaway opens on Monday, May 7, at 12:01 AM Eastern time and closes Monday, May 28, at 12 midnight Eastern time. When you register to enter the giveaway, you'll be sent a link and a password to get you in to view all the gifts waiting for you. For each one you're interested in, click the button that says "Give Me Access." A second page will open on the contributor's website with more information on their giveaway offer and a sign-up box. The offers that are available to everyone who signs up will be made available for immediate download by the relevant contributor. In the case of giveaways that are being raffled, winners will be notified by the gift contributor no later than May 30 and given instructions on how to redeem their gift. Names will be posted on the giveaway site no later than June 4.

Can I invite someone else to the giveaway?

By all means! In fact, we encourage you to send our giveaway url to colleagues in your professional associations, on the discussion lists you participate in, your Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, etc. We want whomever would benefit from these gifts to participate in the giveaway.

Do I need to enter the giveaway raffles every day? Can I enter more than once?

No, you don't need to enter daily to qualify to win any of the giveaways that are being raffled. The giveaway ends on May 28, and the drawings for these items will take place on May 29. Entering more than once won't improve your chances of winning those gifts.