MAY 7 – 28, 2018

Kim Clausen is the president of Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc., and is a professional marketer with more than 20 years of marketing and business development experience. She is a professionally trained coach and works with clients to help them plan and implement marketing and communication strategies to grow their business. Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc. creates ready made workshops, teleseminars, speeches and more that business owners can brand as their own to grow their business. Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc., also creates custom training programs for its clients, and trains professionals how to masterfully create, facilitate and market their own learning programs.

Linda Claire Puig is an internationally recognized marketing expert who helps solo-business owners develop profitable relationships and portable businesses that go with them wherever they want to travel. Linda’s 6-Figure Newsletters provides done-for-you newsletter articles and do-it-yourself newsletter training. She's also a co-founder of Adventurous Life Int'l, which creates coworking travel adventure trips for entrepreneurs 40+ and provides the training and support to help travel-loving entrepreneurs take their business on the road with them. She's also the founder of a global home exchange community for entrepreneurs, called Swap My Office. Linda is an award-winning journalist and writer for the past 35 years, and her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the world.

Even more so this year, we have gathered together an impressive group of contributors who are here to support independent business owners like you with business and marketing tasks. We like what you do in the world, we know it takes a lot of time, and we want to make it easier for you to do your great work! That's what the Done4You Giveaway is all about! Meet our lovely contributors...

Mike Rafati
Incredible Coach

Alina Vincent
Business Success Edge

Andrea Cinnamond
Women Rock The Internet

Belinda Rosenblum
Own Your Money

Burke Franklin
Business Power Tools

Carla McNeil
Butterfly Networking

Carrie Greene
Carrie Greene Coaching

Christina Jandali
Deliver Your Genius

Cindy Schulson
Marketing From Within

Cornelia Ward
Create a Career You Love

David Steele
Relationship Coaching Institute

Dennis Rosenberg
Easy Social Videos

Donna Kozik
My Big Business Card

Elizabeth Saunders
Real Life E

Eva Gregory

Holly Chantal
The Land of Brand

Jane Deuber
Global Expert Accelerator

Jane M Powers

Janet Beckers
Romance Your Tribe

Jay Fiset

Jeanette Ortega
Ultimate Virtual Assistants

Julia Stege
Magical Marketing Company

Karen Cappello
Karen Cappello LLC

Kristen White
White Media Agency

Kristin Thompson
Speak Serve Grow

Linda Albright
Women's Wealth Revolution

Lisa Bloom
Story Coach

Lisa Nelson
Detail Project Management

Lou Bortone

Louise Crooks
Keys to Clarity

Lynda Goldman
Wellness Ink

Marcy Nelson-Garrison
Coaching Toys

Maribel Jimenez
Your Dream Launch

Michele PW

Michelle Schubnel
Coach and Grow Rich

Milana Leshinsky
Simplicity Circle

Orange, Liston and Dew
Beaver Business Club

Pam Ivey
Adventurous Life

Patty Lennon

Penelope Jane Smith
Real Prosperity Inc.

Renee Shupe

Rhonda Hess
Prosperous Coach

Rich German
JV Insider Circle

Rob Goyette
Automate Your Webinars

Samantha Hartley
Enlightened Marketing

Sheri Rosenthal
Wanderlust Entrepreneur

Sherina Mayani

Sue Guiher
Thrive for Success

Susan Epstein
Highly Profitable Practice

Susan Harrow
PR Secrets

Suzanne Evans
Suzanne Evans Coaching

Tag Ng and Ken Svejkovsky
Live Events at Sea

Tammi Metzler
Write Associate

Tammy Lane
FB Faucet

Tiamo De Vettori
Tiamo Music

Tom Buford
Tom Buford Marketing

TR Garland
Leveraging LinkedIn

Viki Winterton
Expert Insight Publishing

Vrinda Normand
Irresistible Marketing